Water repellent
Excellent airtightness
Light weight
Extremely low stretch
Excellent UV resistance

Specifications Icarex


MaterialRipstop Nylon
Type of polyester 30Denier Polycarbonate
Coating Double sided Polyurethane (PU) / Double sided WR
Weight (g/m2) 37
Roll width (m) 1.40
Yarn (Dtex)  Warp 33 / Fill 33
Tear strength (kg) Warp 1.2 / Fill 1.2
Breaking strength (kg / 5cm) Warp 28 / Fill 31
Breaking elongation (% / 5cm) Warp 12 / Fill 18
Air permeability (cc / cm2 / sec)       0.02



Teijin is the manufacturer of Icarex. Tejin is a very large manufacturer of all kinds of synthetic fibers and fabric (mainly polyester based fabrics), with offices around the world and a workforce of more than 20,000 people.