Water repellent
Excellent airtightness
Light weight
Extremely low stretch
Excellent UV resistance

Icarex Ripstop Polyester

High quality Ripstop Polyester resistant to wear and tear

Icarex has set the standard in performance and durability. It is also state of the art in ripstop polyester fabric for sport kite applications. Icarex has achieved legendary status in every sport kite competition and is used by all major sport kite manufacturers worldwide. Strength and stability are at a premium for these high performance sport kites.


Icarex– an exceptional lightweight fabric with high level air tightness and dimensional stability for all those applications where light weight airtightness and high dimensional stability are important.


Features:Icarex PolyesterMirai NylonChikara Nylon
Light weight 37 g/m² 48 g/m² 41 g/m²
Airtightness +++ ++ +++
Stretch + +++ ++
Breaking strength + +++ ++
UV resistant +++ + ++
Water repellent     ++ ++ +++
Fire retardant NO NO NO



extremely low stretch »
extremely low stretch
light weight fabric 37gm »
light weight fabric 37gm
excellent airtightness »
excellent airtightness
high tensile strength »
high tensile strength
high dimensional stability »
high dimensional stability
medium tear strength »
medium tear strength
excellent ageing characteristics »
excellent ageing characteristics
excellent uv resistance »
excellent uv resistance
double sided pu coating »
double sided pu coating